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How To Sell Your House

Market Your Property

You have priced your home using comparitive analysis and have made your property ready to receive potential buyers now it's time to spread the word about your property for sale. There are a variety of ways you can market your home for sale but the most powerful one's are listed below:

The Yard Sign

One of the best marketing tools you can utilize to help you sell your home is the "For Sale" yard sign which you place on the front lawn of your home. The yard sign is your most important marketing tool and will be used in conjunction with all the other marketing methods listed. The yard sign will have your contact information on it which will be used to set up viewings.

A yard sign also tells others that may be in the neighborhood that this house is available for sale. Many people when looking for their dream home will drive through the neighborhood they wish to live in. Having a "for sale" sign in your yard is a perfect way to attract these potential buyers that may not have otherwise known your home was for sale.

Corner Signs

If you live off of a main thoroughfare in a residential neighborhood or on a rural road off of a highway you should consider installing small corner signs to direct traffic into your neighborhood to see your home for sale.

Having a corner sign at major intersections puts your home for sale in front of more eyes than would normally see it and may induce some drivers to turn onto your street that would never have even known about your house for sale. Corner signs are a powerful and inexpensive tool you can use to augment your marketing campaign.

Media - Websites, Newspapers, Magazines

It is essential that you spread the word about your real estate for sale as far and wide as possible to attract as many potential buyers as you can as quickly as you can. Since you are trying to attract buyers it is best to focus your efforts on placing ads and marketing where potential buyers congregate or look for their dream home.

It may be nice to get your ads in front of as many eyes as possible but really you are looking to make a sale not make your home famous.

Real Estate Listing Websites

The internet has transformed the home marketing process tremendously over the past decads so much so that over 90% of potential real estate buyers begin their property search on the internet. It is essential that you list your property for sale on popular real estate listing services such as if you are serious about selling your home fast.

Other popular real estate listing websites include and which were formerly only accessible to clients of licensed realtors. In 2011, the local real estate boards opened up their MLS systems to allow private sellers to list their homes for a flat fee.

An online property listing on a high traffic real estate listing website is essential to your success marketing your property for sale.

A good way to judge whether you want to pay to list on a real estate website is to perform internet searches for your local area and see which websites show up in the top search results repeatedly. When others search for real estate in these areas they will be seeing the same websites listed as you do. List where local buyers will see your property for sale.

Classified Ad Websites

In addition to listing your property for sale on specialized real estate listing websites such as it is also a great idea to spread your exposure to local online classified ad websites. The two largest classified ad websites pertinent to Canadian home sellers are and

Both websites are high traffic and offer an excellent opportunity to enhance your exposure for little to no additional cost. Many other websites also aggregate listings from Craigslist and Kijiji further spreading the word about your real estate listing.

When uploading your listing to these classified ad websites make sure to include an accurate description, photos and a current phone number. Expect most serious buyers to contact you by phone.

Newspaper Classifieds

Traditional newspaper classified advertising is also an effective means to market your real estate for sale. Choose the newspaper with the widest distribution and place ads running on the weekend editions for the best value for your money.

Word Of Mouth Advertising

Make sure to tell everyone in your personal circle of friends and family that you are selling your property. Often a buyer will materialize from this circle directly or be closely related to the sellers circle.

Post On Local Bulletin Boards

Visit places of business, fitness or clubs and organizations in your local area and see if they have public bulletin boards where you can put an announcement about your home for sale. Anyone who frequents these places may be an interested buyer for your property. Again, this is a low cost way to get your property for sale in front of a lot of interested buyers.

Open Houses

Another effective marketing method is to have an Open House for your property. Having an open house can be an effective way to increase the visibility of your home for sale and when you schedule and open house on your real estate listing online often the real estate listing website will have a special marking that makes open house listings stand out from regular listings.

Things To Consider When Receiving Phone Calls

Almost all serious potential buyers for your home will attempt to call you on the telephone. It is essential to have a phone that you can access at all times with you to take these calls.

It is highly recommended that you get a temporary cell phone number for this purpose and a pay as you go cell is the best option. Once you have made a successful sale you can simply stop using the pay as you go cell phone.

The reason a pay as you go cell phone works the most effectively is when performing your online marketing efforts often your phone number will be published on a number of high traffic websites.

Having a pay as you go temporary cell phone at your disposal is a great way to protect your privacy while still allowing you to market your property to the maximum without worrying where the number will be published.

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