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"My husband and I really appreciate that you are more than just a listing service. Not only did you help us attract interested buyers, but you also helped us make educated decisions and better understand what we needed to do to sell our home for sale by owner."

"I am very happy with your service and would recommend you to anyone. Thank you for your excellent service and support when I needed it."

"Creating my listing was easy and you provide more than enough room for photos and information"

"I`m very impressed with the tremendous response we received while listing with you. There wasn`t a weekend when we didn`t show the house to five or more interested buyers."

"What you`re doing worked for us. We got calls from the Website and even more when the magazine came out. Ultimately, we found the right buyer with the right terms. I can`t think of anything you need to improve."

"Our property was sold 2 weeks after listing with you. We found your website quite popular and very useful."

"You have a wonderful service, and I just want to express my thanks"

"Thank you for your service. My property sold quickly after listing with you. And having a detailed listing online helped... I only ever heard from serious buyers"

"Our property at 13 Stewarttown Road in Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 4S5 has sold, as of Wednesday, July 20th. Thanks for your help. We will definitely recommend listing with you"
Bob Manieri

"Thank you very much guys our house at 1914 Malden Cres. in Pickering had been sold at the end of April. We appreciate your help. Your services worked for us and we will be definitely using your services in the future."
Bob Gumbinger

"Our house has been sold, thank you for your listing. We got our asking price of $210 000, so we are very happy. Thank you very much Propertysold"
Linda Koenig

"Everything is great now and I truly appreciate your diligent concern and help. You get 120% for customer service. - I did get the telephone message yesterday re the sign attachment so thanks for that too - (it should be tomorrow or Friday). The coupon was very kind and I`ll not hesitate to recommend your service to others."
Gillian C

"Hi, I just wanted to thank you guys for providing a great service. As you can see from my record, I managed to sell my place within about 2 weeks of listing, and ultimately, at a little over 98% of asking price. It was much more than I would have kept in my pocket had I listed with a full service Brokerage and knowing that provided flexibility and peace of mind in negotiations. I actually sold my condo the day of my open house, case closed."

"Wonderful!!! Highly recommend this method of selling your home. Easy, and what a huge savings by not paying real estate agent fees. Thanks for providing a useful service to home sellers."
Jonathan Sadowski

"Great service to the public. I had alot of response on my ads and will definitely use you again."
Mary Kovacevic

"Thanks for the help. The signage and open houses helped to sell our home."
Dan Brown

"Great service! Would highly recommend."
Kevin Lyslo

"I highly recommend to anyone selling their home. The first day my house was featured, I received over 10 phone calls and 7 emails. The response was amazing! Not only did I sell the house surprisingly fast, but I got more than the asking price. With such an excellent service available, I don`t know why ANYONE would use a real estate agent and pay those high commissions. I was also very impressed with the great support that they provide. Any questions I had were quickly answered and when I had some problems posting my photos, I was patiently walked through the process. Not only would I use again, but I will encourage other people to utilize this efficient, fast, money-saving service. Many thanks to You took a difficult, overwhelming situation and made it an effortless, positive experience."
Doug Abbott

"I had this property listed last year with Remax and this year private with Property Sold and saved 25,000. I am glad I did this.
Marg Biernat

"Great service. It enabled me to negotiate more efficiently than my previous real estate broker that had the listing for almost 3 months. Thank you for the experience."
Paul Wilson

"I enjoyed using this site. We had great responce all over the world. I would not hesitate to use it again."
Claude & Yvonne Giroux

"Thank you for your Service...I would definitely recommend it to friends and family..."
Karim Ayache

"Selling your home yourself is not that difficult, pricing it right, with good advertising, confidence, and able to proudly show your home with pride is key to selling your home. Propertysold allows you all the tools, and professional look to attract people to your home....the selling is up to you!"
David Culver

"Great way to sell ! It took time but was effective."
James Kirwin

"We SOLD our home within 12 days of listing with!!! Would we recommend it to other people??? Absolutely! Yes, it is a lot of work, but the benefits are very rewarding! And we were able to meet a wonderful family, who we pray will be as happy as we were in our home of 33 memorable years. Good luck to anyone who wishes to sell their own home."
Pina GZ

"Extremely pleased with this site and the method in which it works. What worked for me was to have a basic 4 line ad in the local paper referring any potential buyers to go to this site to check it out. It worked. Thanks to All."
Moe & Deb Desjardins

"I am so thankful to, with your support I was able to get a response from serious buyers only."

"Thank you we were able to have a lot of viewings due to the site and within two days were able to get an offer on the house. Good news is that we SOLD the house and are looking forward to the new place."

"I could see it working in the large centers like Toronto, in North Bay, not very likely....YOU proved me wrong, it worked and worked quite well I must add....
Keep up the good work, I spell it victory for the little guy....John"
John/Joanne Fortin

"We had several inquiries through - Buyers are well aware of the fact that the realtor cost is passed onto them via higher house asking prices. Once again, thanks to the folks at!"
Neill Roberts

"Great service! I would definitely use it again!"
Evan Secemski

"Property sold was a great selling tool. The corner signs brought the traffic to our home. The purchasers did see the home on the web site and found the format and pictures very helpful as did other persons who made inquiries. Very pleased with the results. Would definitely recommend the site to others."
Ed and Julie Heinrichs

"I would recommend this method of selling your home. It saved us alot of money in realtor`s fees and everything is in your control."
Paul Oliphant

"We are delighted with the effectiveness of this advertisement. The webpage is easy to use and we received a lot of interest from around the world. The first person that contacted us from this advertisement is the family that bought our home. We would highly recommend this property sold service as it is effective, easy to make your own ad and add pictures, and the staff was very helpful and returned our call promptly when we did need assistance. A++"
Don Doey

"Excellent service, affordable and convenient."
Salman Kidwai

" is a very effective tool for FSBO. This is the first time I had attempted selling my own home and it took 6 weeks, but the savings for both buyer and I were well worth the wait. I highly recommend anyone to try this providing you have some knowledge of real estate transactions and in compiling a sales agreement. If you have no knowledge in creating the sales agreement, you could always consult a lawyer. Either way, you`re much further ahead using this site."
Chris Chan

"I found my buyer in just a few weeks with the website."
Lorraine Speer

"I was happy with the results, definitely worth the money!"
Joe Ellis

"This was a very useful tool in listing my home privately. I included the website in all my advertising and the web site is very user friendly."
John & Linda Calbery

"Highly recommend Had more showings and interest the first weekend listed than in a year listed with real estate broker. Sold in little over 1 month for full asking price. Thanks!"
Denys Watson

"I found that help generate lots of interest in my home when I put it on the market. I will definately use it again."
Joseph Mandarino

"Great way to get your place viewed and super helpful for people to see photos before they come over. We sold and were extremely happy. Would use this service again."
Susan Capone

"Selling your house privately through Property Sold is a great way to save thousands on realtors commission. Property Sold is an excellent source to promote your home. Also, open house brought a lot of people to view our home. Thanks Property Sold!!"
Jose Diaz

"We are really pleased with Propertysold`s website and signs. It enabled us a really professional look for online viewing. We had an offer 5 days after we put the signs up and actively started to promote our home for sale on Craigs list, Kijiji and in the newspaper with a link to our listing. (The buyer saw the ad on Craigs list continued to and then called us.)"
Gunnar Svahn

"Great way to sell a house. Our experience tells us that people do look at this site for houses. The program is easy to work with and to edit. I like that you can make changes, as our first tax info was incorrect, and we were not satisfied with some of the pictures so changed them."
Leonard Herrem

"It was a positive experience dealing with potential buyers. Our home cottage sold within less than 3 months! Thank you"
Maria Scaringi

"We had our condo in Yaletown listed for about 3 weeks before getting a firm offer and taking it off the website. We bought lots of signs to mark it clearly, were very organized and dedicated to doing several open houses which is how we got most of the people that showed any real interest. That`s how the buyers found it, the last ones to go through on a Sunday evening. We also got some emails and two from as far away as Britain. I`m thrilled to have such a great website to list properties for sale by owner and the presentation is so professional. We have sold 3 places over the years FSBO and love the experience. Yes it can be hard work but we`d rather present our home personally than going through a realtor. If you`re considering it but are not sure if you should try it my advice is if you have time, patience and love your place enough to talk about and show it yourself... then try it, especially in a strong market. We figure we saved about 10,000. in realtor fees. Why shouldn`t the sellers pocket that, we`re the ones who have to clean up our place to show it anyway! (if a realtor would do that maybe I`d feel they really earned the money)."
Carolynn Crawford

"My sale was very successful, and the property was sold in 1 week. Thank you for your help. The number of people who don`t want to use Real Estate Agent service (both Sellers and Buyers) is growing because of huge commissions, pushy Agents and, sometimes, poor service. And your website helps these people. I found that a direct contact with a Buyer is very successful, and allows you to discuss easier any buying/selling matters. It was a good experience for me, and I am going to use your service in future."
Ludmila Manykina

"We listed this property for a week and had unbelievable traffic. On the eighth day we received multiple offers, and we are happy to announce that we have finally sold this property for asking price, with no real estate agents involved! We also continued to get lots of calls and interested buyers until the day we finalized the sale.
At first we were not sure whether it would be possible to get our asking price and sell privately, but after this experience, we will never use an agent. Ultimately, we were the best persons to sell our home - we know it and love it, and we have been able to show that to our buyers. It has been an empowering and sometimes challenging journey but definitely an eye-opening experience that led to us making great new friends and a wonderful outcome. We all had a celebration dinner together tonight and made a toast to this process! It couldn`t have gone any better."
Claudia F

"I would never hire an agent - its a big waste of cash. This was easier than I thought it would even be!"
Brannie Rogers

"Great site! Had a lot of calls, interest for it. Good idea for a site. Would definitely recommend it."
Dany Oghia

"We are very pleased with and would use it again. We saved the commission money and still got what we wanted. We arranged our own showings and it was great."
Caroline and Fernando Mazza

"I would NEVER sell another house with an agent!! was a class act, which I enjoyed working with."
John Leaver

"Property Sold is the easiest web site to work with. Great service and instant gratification! Good Value."
Chuck Fillmore

"Thank you PropertySold for such a great service!"
Patricia Schumm

"This is an excellent web site. I couldn`t believe it when I had an offer within 1 week of listing."
Eva kristof

"Yippee! Sold in one month for $4000 under asking price!! It doesn`t get much better than that!!!!"
Brian & Caroline Laidlaw

"Thanks to Property Sold, my property sale was fairly quick and painless. Our local real estate market is very low, and through Property Sold, we were able to find a very satisfied buyer for our home who resided clear across the country. The listing on the website was easy to maintain and keep current, as well as the signs were received promptly for quick advertising. I will forever be a satisfied customer of this service and will be quick to recommend this service to friends and family."
Christine Davis

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